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We would be delighted to send you samples of our woods, fabrics and leathers. Please select the samples you require and fill in your details below. Once you have your chosen samples, we will deliver them to your door free of charge.

  1. Woods
  2. Fabrics

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  1. Oak Natural Oak Natural
  2. Walnut Natural Walnut Natural

  Rio Collection   Bacio Collection   Joyce Collection

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  1. Rio Pearl
  2. Rio Bisque
  3. Rio Sand
  4. Rio Mocha
  5. Rio Pebble Grey
  6. Rio Bordeaux
  1. Bacio Pewter
  2. Bacio Damson
  3. Bacio Safari
  4. Bacio Dove
  5. Bacio Cobble
  6. Bacio Linen
  1. Cream
  2. Taupe

  Premium Selection

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  1. Vele Ivory
  2. Vele Crochet
  3. Vele Bliss
  4. Vele Dark Saddle
  5. Shelly winter White
  6. Shelly Cherry
  7. Shelly Seely
  8. Shelly Rocking
  9. Shelly Majolica Blue
  10. Shelly Dark Grape
  11. Shelly Cottonseed
  12. Shelly Black
  13. Shelly Almond

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