Curl Desk / Dressing Table, Oak NaturalCurl Desk / Dressing Table, Walnut Natural

Curl Desk / Dressing Table

£2,031.50 £2,031.50 £2,390.00 £2,390.00 GBP
Charlotte Desk / Dressing table, Walnut Natural Charlotte Desk / Dressing table, Oak Natural
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Charlotte Desk / Dressing table

£1,611.00 £1,611.00 £1,790.00 £1,790.00 GBP
Swirl desk/dressing table, Oak NaturaSwirl desk/dressing table, Walnut Natural

Swirl Desk / Dressing Table

£4,632.00 £4,632.00 £5,790.00 £5,790.00 GBP
Taper desk / dressing table, Oak NaturalTaper desk / dressing table, Walnut Natural
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Taper Desk / Dressing Table

£1,521.00 £1,521.00 £1,690.00 £1,690.00 GBP
Crest Desk / Dressing table, Oak NaturalCrest Desk / Dressing table, Walnut Natural

Crest Desk / Dressing table

£3,832.00 £3,832.00 £4,790.00 £4,790.00 GBP
Loopy Desk Single, Oak NaturalLoopy Desk Single, Walnut Natural
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Loopy Desk Single

£1,341.00 £1,341.00 £1,490.00 £1,490.00 GBP
Loopy Desk Double, Oak NaturalLoopy Desk Double, Walnut Natural
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Loopy Desk Double

£1,521.00 £1,521.00 £1,690.00 £1,690.00 GBP
Flow Desk, Oak NaturalFlow Desk, Walnut Natural
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Flow Desk

£1,431.00 £1,431.00 £1,590.00 £1,590.00 GBP
Pebble Dressing Table / Desk, Oak NaturalPebble Dressing Table / Desk, Walnut Natural

Pebble Dressing table/Desk

£3,646.50 £3,646.50 £4,290.00 £4,290.00 GBP
Large 150cm, Oak NaturalSmall 110cm, Walnut Natural

Ellipse Desks

£1,592.00 £1,592.00 £1,990.00 £1,990.00 GBP
Embrace Dressing Table / Desk, Oak NaturalEmbrace Dressing Table / Desk, Walnut Natural

Embrace Desk / Dressing table

£2,286.50 £2,286.50 £2,690.00 £2,690.00 GBP

Transform your workspace with a bespoke desk

Introducing the Tom Schneider curved desks collection, where form blends seamlessly with function. Our trademark style permeates this range of handmade desks, whilst still leaving room for the practical details that make your day-to-day work life that little bit easier.

The home office reimagined

Your workspace doesn’t have to be uninspiring. Invest in one of our distinctive handmade desks and transform your home office into a space of style and sophistication. With their curvaceous lines and smooth elegance, our iconic curved desks will bring unequalled beauty to your daily routine and harmony to your working day.

Designed with style, crafted for productivity

Our bespoke desks are the epitome of style and bring creativity and individuality into your home. But they are crafted with the working day in mind. Take the stylish and sleek Ellipse, a handmade desk featuring built-in hidden shelves to optimise your workspace. Or the elegant Swirl desk with an abundance of drawers to maximise storage. Each of our curved desks is a work of art that will enhance any space, without compromising on design.

Timeless style, enduring quality

The striking designs of our handmade desks are brought to life with meticulous skill. True to our artisanal heritage but crafted by innovative techniques, each piece offers enduring quality as well as timeless style. And all our curved desks can be tailored to your needs, with a choice of woods and the option to adapt our designs to your personal space. Our bespoke desks capture the essence of individual style and make for the perfect centre piece of a home office that is as unique as you are.

Tom Schneider bespoke desks. If you strive for perfection in your work, why settle for anything less in your workspace?

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