We value individuality and are proud to offer our extensive range of furniture in a variety of stunning wood veneers.

Whether you prefer light or dark woods or the more adventurous two toned finishes, you’ll find it here. We can also create a bespoke wood stain or painted finish to suit your style.

Infiniti and Ultima are stunning examples of how good faux leathers can be.

Beautifully made with a soft handle and leather texture, a beautiful alternative to natural leather. Super tough for heavy use and easy to clean.

We have selected a superb range of beautiful yet very hard-wearing fabrics to complement our furniture.

Porto Cervo is a stunning collection of flat weaves with both plain stripe tweed designs. Ribelle is a contemporary collection of velvet cords. Moda is a beautiful collection of natural look plains with a very soft handle. Cambio is a stunning collection of luxury soft velvet plains

This vibrant range of premium leather offer good lightfastness, stain resistance, easy cleaning, and excellent durability.

Natural leather is a wonderful material: soft, warm and luxurious, it is an attractive and durable upholstery option. The variations in grain and veining are hallmarks of its beauty and we’ve chosen leathers that aren’t heavily processed, so they retain their natural soft and supple qualities. They stretch, wrinkle, and breathe much like our own skin, and will continue to mature with use and improve in appearance over time.

OAK NATURAL. Oak has a strong grain pattern, which distinctive flecks and the tone can vary from light to mid brown.

WALNUT NATURAL. Walnut has a beautiful grain character that has more figure variation than any other wood. Its colour can vary from a light-mid chocolate brown which lightens over time.

OAK BLONDE. We apply a pigment to natural Oak veneers to create a lighter colour and fresh appearance, all the while allowing Oak’s strong grain patterns to remain a feature.

CHERRY BLUSH. We add a rich pigment to natural Oak veneer to capture the warm red tones of Cherry Wood.

WALNUT MOCCA. Walnut Mocca We apply a custom pigment to natural Oak veneer that recreates the beautiful lighter brown tones of Walnut.

WALNUT NOIR. We apply a deep rich pigment to natural Oak veneer that captures the wonderful darker tones of Walnut.

WENGE. Wengé is an at-risk species so for ethical reasons we stain natural Oak veneer using a pigment that captures the rich, red tones of this wood.

ZEBRANO. Zebrano is a vulnerable species of wood so for ethical reasons we use natural veneers manipulated to capture Zebrano’s characteristic straw-like stripes.

EBONY. Ebony is an endangered species so for ethical reasons we use a natural veneer that is manipulated to capture Ebony’s distinctive two toned appearance.

SILVER OAK. This cool grey finish is achieved by manipulating real wood veneers to create a multi-tonal wood with a unique grain.

Wood is a wonderful material that creates abeautiful visual; with no two pieces ever the same, the variation seen in grain patterns, hue, sap and resin markings simply adds to the uniqueness of your furniture. Our woods are of the highest quality, always sourced from well managed forests and are FSC certified. We use the finest wood veneers which are obtained by cutting thin slices from tree trunks clearest of branches to avoid large knots and blemishes. These veneers can be laid next to each other toproduce seamless joins which cannot be achieved with solid wood. For strength we use solid Oak for our dining chairs which are then stained to match the wood options available. It must be appreciated that by using real wood there will always be a variance in tone, grain and markings, which is testament to its origin as a tree.

Items ordered either from stock or ordered at different times in the same wood finish will match but we cannot guarantee an exact match. Natural woods mature over time due to the effect of natural sunlight so there will be differences in colour of newly bought furniture and existing furniture despite them being made in the same wood. These differences will fade over time however we recommend exposing table leaves and moving ornaments regularly to allow sunlight to reach all area and so avoid noticeable colour differences. Furniture should be protected from intense sunlight and should not be placed too close to heat sources such as radiators, as this could damage the finish.

Ultima Faux Leather - White

Infiniti Faux Leather - Stone

Ultima Faux Leather - Chalk

Ultima Faux Leather - Cream

Infiniti Faux Leather - Granite

Infiniti Faux Leather - Taupe

Ultima Faux Leather - Mist

Infiniti Faux Leather - Shadow

Infiniti Faux Leather - Elephant

Ultima Faux Leather - Steel

Infiniti Faux Leather - Charcoal

Moda - Putty

Porto - Clay

Porto - Biscuit

Porto - Cedar

Porto - Fog

Porto - Steel

Porto - Charcoal

Ribelle - Natural

Ribelle - Silver

Ribelle - Pebble

Ribelle - Mink

Ribelle - Pewter

Ribelle - Midnight

Ribelle - Ochre

Cambio velvet - Oyster

Cambio velvet - Mink

Cambio velvet - Biscuit

Cambio velvet - Cedar

Cambio velvet - Teal

Cambio velvet - Amethyst

Cambio velvet - Shiraz

Cambio velvet - Silver

Cambio velvet - Platinum

Cambio velvet - Granite

Leather Sienna - WHITE

Leather Sienna -MILK

Leather Sienna -HAZE

Leather Sienna -STONE

Leather Sienna -GREY

Real leather is a natural product. It breathes; it is warm and has individual characteristics, which are part of the natural charm and beauty of real hide. As a natural product however, it will display traces of its past, such as brand marks, healed scars, neck growth lines, veins and areas of differing fibre density and hair pore structure. These marks all appear in high quality leather and are not defects. Natural leather proudly bears these marks as hallmarks of its origin.

These individual characteristics and marks have been accumulated gradually over the years; they are not weakening defects and will not shorten the life of the leather. In fact, they are considered to enhance the appearance and distinguish natural leather from imitations. If you find these markings, you can be confident that you have purchased real leather. In the first few weeks of using leather furniture it will acquire further natural creases and wrinkles as the fillings settle down.

Our woods are of the highest quality, always sourced from well managed forests and are FSC certified.

If a tree species is endangered or at risk of illegal logging we instead choose sustainable natural wood veneers and stain them to replicate the beauty of these woods.

Make your purchase with confidence by ordering complimentary swatches of the available wood finishes to help you purchase with confidence.

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