At Tom Schneider, your furniture is made with passion and is produced to the highest quality. Each piece is carefully handcrafted using the finest materials from around the world to achieve the perfect, curved finish.
While they’re low-maintenance, we’ve got some tips to help you keep your furniture looking great for years to come.

Wooden furniture
Wood is a natural and wonderful material. Our natural wood veneers are responsibly sourced and no two pieces are the same, which adds to the uniqueness and beauty of your furniture. While we make every effort to match all products, it must be appreciated that by using real wood there will always be a variance in tone, grain and markings, which is testament to its origin as a tree.
Wood care:
Natural woods mature over time so to avoid noticeable colour differences we recommend exposing table leaves and moving ornaments regularly.
All wooden products should be protected from intense sunlight to avoid bleaching and furniture should not be placed too close to heat sources such as radiators, as this could damage the finish.
A professional polisher will be able to repair any minor scratches or marks that develop during use.
Use a duster or very lightly dampened cloth to clean the wooden surfaces of your furniture, taking care not to leave it wet. To add a sheen we recommend using natural wax based polishes. However, household polishes such as Pledge or Mr Sheen etc can also be used.

Our tempered glass tops and shelves are toughened and tested to UK and European industry standards. It is physically and thermally stronger than regular glass however this does not make it impervious to scratches. The toughening process sometimes creates a strain pattern which can look like waviness in the glass when viewed from certain angles, and should not be considered a flaw. In the event that the glass is accidentally broken, it will shatter relatively safely into small clusters.
Please note that glass is susceptible to scratches and must be protected from any sharp or abrasive items when in use. We suggest cleaning glass tops with a glass cleaning agent and a microfibre cloth.
After successful delivery, glass is not covered by our extended guarantee. Tom Schneider is not responsible for any damage to glass after the delivery has been made.

Chic, soft and luxurious, our wide selection of fabrics encompasses natural and synthetic fibres and offers you an assortment of colours and textures to choose from. Due to the variety of fabrics available to customers, we recommend employing a specialist upholstery cleaning company to clean your dining chairs.
We offer a leather range of the highest quality from one of the UK’s leading suppliers.
Our leathers are natural, and much like our own skin, it breathes, is warm and each hide displays unique, individual characteristics such as scars and growth lines. These marks are not defects, but inherent features of high quality, natural leather that are a testament to its origin.

Leather care:
All leather upholstery should be protected from prolonged exposure to intense sunlight to prevent it from drying out and fading in colour. Leather can accumulate dust easily so try to dust regularly with a soft cloth to keep its pores free from build-ups of dust and grime.
Occasional overall cleaning should be carried out by wiping over with an ordinary detergent and water, applied using a damp cloth, taking care not to over-wet the leather. Polishes and stain removers should be avoided as they may damage the leather.

Our Essential and Premium fabric selections offer a multitude of upholstery options in a variety of finishes, each carefully selected for their quality, durability and of course, for how beautifully they complement our woods. Whether you’ve chosen a patterned design, a luxurious plain, or a glamorous velvety finish, you’re welcome to get in touch with us for any advice you may need when caring for your dining chairs. Each has a unique composition and will need specific care for everyday cleaning though we do recommend professional cleaning for any major spills or stains.

Small parts
Our small parts sometimes need replacing following a move or redecoration. We can supply shelf pegs that hold up glass and silicone pads which support glass tops. These can be purchased on our website.

For further information, questions or concerns regarding furniture care please email us