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Tom Schneider began designing and producing bespoke furniture by hand in his artisan workshop in London. For each commission, he aimed to harness the unique, embracing curved design paired with a love of natural wood to create visually striking and beautifully formed furniture.

Cutting a path for his perfectly curved designs, Tom launched his first collection in 1996. His focus on creating individual, iconic style with a strong sense of movement gives all his designs a distinctive and timeless quality – perfectly illustrated by enduring popularity of the Swirl, Serpent and DNA Collections.

Today, the Tom Schneider name has proudly become synonymous with curves and we continue to work with passion and integrity, making each piece of furniture by hand to retain our artisanal roots. While the company has grown from its tiny workshop-based beginnings, we remain a close-knit organisation of talented craftsmen and service members who work hard to ensure your stunning furniture lasts a lifetime.



Tom Schneider On Design

We have always been driven by curiosity and a desire to stand apart with furniture that can’t be found elsewhere. So we look beyond trends, turning to the beauty of nature and abstract shapes for inspiration.
For us, the beauty of a design should come from its pure form, so we’re drawn to strong shapes that don’t need further embellishments to shine. The gorgeous natural woods and elegant curvaceous lines are what turn furniture into contemporary classics. With each new design, we apply three core principles making each piece unique and true to the distinctive Tom Schneider style.

  • Curvaceous: the hallmark of our designs, our identifying feature.
  • Timeless: our integral design goal – what we strive for.
  • Inimitable: daring to redefine traditional design to capture unequalled beauty.

Finally, we like our designs to reflect our lifestyle, so our task and what we enjoy is creating furniture that is both artistic and functional. This means designing freely without the limitations of manufacture in mind, then finding production methods to ensure the essence of each design is never compromised.

With careful consideration of the finest details and hidden extras such as soft close drawers and intuitive mechanisms, every Tom Schneider piece will fit seamlessly into your home.

Tom Schneider On Craftsmanship

Unique to the furniture industry, Tom’s progressive designs and unconventional shapes meant he also had to create the production methods to bring his design to life. Each collection and every design requires its own approach, so there is no large-scale machinery in our workshop; instead we use jigs and formers to coax the wood by hand into the curved shapes we’re renowned for.

Our team of technicians and master craftsmen continue to uphold our tradition of superior quality through clever construction and beautiful finishing. Maintaining our reputation for excellence is a priority, each item of furniture goes through a rigorous quality control checks at each stage of production before taking its place in your home.

The confidence we hold in our craftsmanship means we can offer a 10-year extended guarantee for all Tom Schneider furniture. Registering is free and simple though we don’t think you’ll even need to use it.

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Britons most wanted. Furniture you'd kill for.

  • Unusual but highly accessible pieces...all the ingredients of a design classic.
  • Tom Schneider continues to produce beautifully crafted modern furniture.
  • Britain’s most wanted. Furniture you’d kill for!
  • Your home will ooze good taste. The swirl table is a modern classic.
  • Schneider’s new ways of bending wood have reinvigorated the craft.

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